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Trying to make it to get my son!

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I’ve been trying to make money online for over a year and haven’t made a dime and I’m still here trying.  I’ve been doing the Publishers Clearing House for over a year too and still no luck but I have came along way from where I was a year ago.  I have read a lot I know a lot and I have done a lot!  I had almost gave up on life but my son was always on my mind and gave me the motivation to do better to keep pushing forward.  My son is three years old and I don’t even see him because his mother and I have are differences and she can careless and I told her I would do everything and anything to be a father and to be in my Son’s life!  I have made two websites and opened up about 20 social networks so I can advertise my websites on.  I really feel that 2015 is going to be my year of prosperity and abundance and my dream will come true by me being a father and being in my Son’s life! I love you SON…daddys coming for you!

If you want to see the page I am advertising for Publishers Clearing House and the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team let me know what you think, Thank you!

Tony Casillas


Author: T.casillas

Hello my name is Tony Casillas I am a 31-year old entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas

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