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The Three Celestial Guardians.

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Sana Ako si Ricky Lee!

The 3 Celestial Guardians, the most effective cure for the Star of 3 Killings, has become really popular in the last couple of decades. For Feng Shui enthusiasts the reason is pretty obvious. If you want to avoid the 3 Killings, then tap into the 3 Celestial Guardians. However, the truth is some people are not really familiar that the Three Celestial Guardians really consists of three different celestial animals or beings. They’re namely the Pi Yao, the Chi Lin, and the Fu Dog. These three figured prominently in Chinese architectures as guardians and bringer of luck. They’re not really used as collective protection against the negative chi of the Star of Three Killings. In the olden days, Feng Shui practitioners will use just a pair of these celestial protectors to ‘fight’ the 3-Killings. It was a famous Singaporean Feng Shui consultant who first incorporated the use of the 3-Celestial…

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