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Oracle de La Triade- 5 card reading

Indianstorm's Lenormand Cards Journal

Since writing is one of my various pursuits, I thought I’d intoduce the philosophy of the Triade Oracle created by Dominike Duplaa via a card reading. It is a fascinating deck that embodies eastern and western philosophy packaged in 55 cards.

At the moment the scanner is down- so I will have to post using the pictorial keywords on each card.

Here’s an image of the cards taken from

The cards are keyworded in French, but the LWB comes in both French and English. Her book describing the cards indepth also is written in French. But a lovely transalation can be found on this website:

The site can be transalated by Google- it is not an exhaustive explanation but more than adequeate to relate the essence of the cards, the rest is up to you for intuitive analysis.

Here’s what I drew today as part my routine reflective…

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